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 [KOTOC] How does our recruitment work

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giand amazone
giand amazone

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[KOTOC] How does our recruitment work Empty
PostSubject: [KOTOC] How does our recruitment work   [KOTOC] How does our recruitment work I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 06, 2011 5:28 am

We are very selective on our recruits this means we want as much info from you as possible before the whole corporation decides wether to accept you or not.
This means it limits our recruitment very much, but it ensures us we get the right pilots to join our corp.

So the things you have to do:

- Send Giand Amazone your api details (and id number) from all your accounts (ingame by mail).
You can create your api key on this link: https://support.eveonline.com/api. After you loged in you click on the 'create new api' link. On the next page you select all options and select the 'no expiry' option. Make sure you set the 'type' to character (NOT corporation).
- Join the next ingame channel: [KOTOC] public channel
- Fill out the aplication form (you can find it in this forum (Visitors Area)). Make your own topic so we don't mix recruits.

- After you done all this the corporation will review your awnsers and might question you some more .. if we have more questions.
- Ofcource we can also use the ingame channel and if you have any questions more about KOTOC you can ask them to our members (ingame) or place them here.
- The Full API keys will be kept in the CEO hands and will not given out to other members or 3rd party tools. After checking and recruiting the api keys can be changed again.

If the first looks, looks good to us there will be a interview on teamspeak.
After we checked, questioned, talked and reviewed your aplication there will be a corporation vote wether to accept you or not.

So the vote was positive... what happens then.
- You will be accepted and get a 1 month trail
in this month you will have to apear atleast 10 times on a killmail , this is for us to ensure your PVP addicted, jut like the rest of us.
Within this month you also have the time to move your ships/items within our jump freighter range, so we can move your ships into 0.0 space.

Don't be afraid about the 10 kill mails ... you will have uppertunities enough to PVP.
NO roles will be given out, NO isk will be given, NO ships will be provided, NO hangar acces will be given and NO POS acces ... we are not a carebear corporation.
Afer this month KOTOC still has the privlige to kick you from the corporation if you go inactive or doesn't apear in CTA's / fleets.

So the vote was negative... what happens then.
- Wel obviouse .... you won't get accepted Wink

So ... what are the recruitment requirements:
- We don't really have any, except that pvp experiance is required for getting trough the first month of trail.
- But we can tell you when you don't need to apply .... and that is when:

You are NOT mature with an age from about 24 years.
You are NOT pvp minded.
You don't have atleast about 15 mil skillpoints.
You can't be on teamspeak when your logged into EVE.
You can't be online for a good amount of time each week.
You are not self sufficient.
You are not intrested in PVP and all SOV warfare aspects.

Don't take it very strickt, like said, we don't really have requirements, but we keep this as guide line for our recruitment.
Don't expect to be accepted within a day ... our recruiting takes time

Regards Giand [KOTOC HC]
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[KOTOC] How does our recruitment work
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