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Gladiator XM

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PostSubject: Application   Application I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 29, 2011 1:22 pm

Main Character information:
Character Name: Gladiator XM
Skill Points:72 MIill
Character Focus (Choose One- Combat, Industry, Mining, Logistics/POS, Cap Pilot):

Is this your only account ?
No - Have my cap alt who is just the skill book away from Titan and of course the ship

In case you have more accounts .. do you want the other characters also in [KOTOC] ?

Alt Information:
Character Name: Sim3tric
Skill points: 64.2mill
Character Focus (Choose One- Combat, Industry, Mining, Logistics/POS, Cap Pilot):
Cap/Combat - Just just need the Amarr Titan Skillbook and she's done + plus ship
If more alt's copy the above

Real Life Info
Real Name: Craig
Real Life Age: 41
Were are you from (country):
What is your timezone :
GMT - But play on both UK and US tz as i work shifts

Additional Questions:
Do you know anyone in our corporation, if so who?

Do you know anyone in our alliance, if so who?
Not that i know of but some Ugly mug is bound to pop up :-)

How did you hear about Knights of the Old code?
Eve forums

Why do you think this is the right corp for you?
Because state you are PVP Orinetated and not carebears

Why do you want to leave your current corp
Not currently in one - just coming bk to game from a summer break due to work comits

What do you enjoy most about EVE?
The people who ya fly with - it's what makes eve

What is your main goal in EVE?
To get my Aly Sim3tric into Titan :-)

What is the most important quality you seek in a corporation?
The people - having a laugh and not taking internet spaceships too serious AND BLOWING SHIT UP!!

What is your most important quality that you will bring to Knights of the old Code?

Are you willing to skill for what the corporation/alliance needs (cross training), when its needed?
Yes but no need :-)

Are you willing to live in 0.0 space
Always lived in 0:0 - It's my home

Do you fly any capital ships? if so, which one(s), and do you own the ship(s) now?
Glad can fly 3 race caps and dreads - currently has a thanny
Sim3tric - is my main cap pilot - currently has Archon but aimiing for Titan

Are you able to use TeamSpeak3 (and able to use a mic.) when you are ingame?

Do you know proper TS etiquette/behavior?

Do you understand basic fleet movement commands? (align, warp, approach, hold, etc)

Do you have 0.0 PvP experience? IF so, how much and where?
Yes - Always lived in 0:0 - Catch,insmother,detorid,Omist,Querious,Delve,Stain

What type of FCing experience do you have?
Not much but have done bomber fleets

Is there anything else you would like to add to support your application?

You will have to look at battleclinic kb for Gladiator XM and Sim3tric - won't let me post external links

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