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 [Guide] A beginners guide for new players

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giand amazone
giand amazone

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[Guide] A beginners guide for new players Empty
PostSubject: [Guide] A beginners guide for new players   [Guide] A beginners guide for new players I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 24, 2009 9:40 pm

EVE is HUGE .......................... we can not say it enough, the possibilities are endless.

We strongly suggest you run the tutorial offered you by the tutorial agent in EVE, the first basics are explained here.

-If you are new to EVE
there are 2 fast ways to make ISK (cash):
Mission runner (run missions for npc agents to get isk from the mission and loot).
Miner (mine asteroids for ore and sell them for isk, in general veldspar sells best (in isk per hour)).

-Keep learning skills:
Make sure you keep on learning skills all the timeā€¦. This means even when you are not online. In EVE you can buy everything, except time (and learning skills costs you time). So time in this case is more worth then all the ISK you can gather. Make sure when you go offline you have setup a skill to train that takes your entire offline time !

There are some basic skills that would be very useful to train when you just started EVE:
Electronics [+5% CPU]
Targeting [Extra target]
Engineering [+5% Power Grid]
Energy Management [+5% Capacitor Power]
Energy Systems Operation [+5% Capacitor Recharge]
Shield Management [+5% Shield Points]
Shield Operation [+5% Shield Recharge]
Mechanic [+5% Structure Points]
Hull Upgrades [+5% Armor Points]
Salvaging [Allows Salvaging of Wrecks)
Navigation [+5% Velocity]
Afterburner [+10% longer AB usage]
Warp Drive Operation [+5% less capacitor needed to warp]
--more details about the basic skills and other skills can be found in the next topic: Guide, the basic skills and more

-Fitting your ship:
There are so many items here in EVE that I will not go deep into this issue, I only want to say this now: Stick to the guns from each race, never mix them and get the proper Tank for your ship.
Gallente = Drones with blaster or rail guns / Armor Tank
Caldari = Missiles / Shield Tank
Amarr = Laser weapons / Armor Tank
Minmitar = Artillery guns / Armor or Shield Tank

A more detailed guide on fitting is found here:

-Player Security:
Every player has a security rating ranging from -10.0 to 10.0. Different rules apply depending on what the sys sec is. Basically if they have a rating from -10.0 to -5.0 and are in empire controlled space they will be floating in a pod because they have been very very bad and the gates and local police will start firing on them. From -4.9 to -0.0 (it is possible), they should appear with an orange box on the overview screen and in your main view. Feel free to check out everyones information that you come across. They may have an interesting bio who knows?

-Were to go?
EVE is huge, EVE is big, EVE has thousands of systems to travel to, but we do advice to stay in the neighbourhood of our Headquarters. Our experienced players are playing in the 0.0 systems, these are the most dangerous systems to play in and no envoirment for new players.
We advice to start and learn the game in *safe* empire systems (so security with 0.5 and higher up to 1.0), this means when you become under attack from non-npc ships the CONCORD (police) will come to help you. Around our HQ there are only high sec. systems.
This also means that you can fleet up with other members and start playing together.

When you think you are experienced enough you can make your way to low. Sec. and 0.0 systems (you should at least be able to fly a decent Battle cruiser). There is a guide in this forum on how and were to go to 0.0 space.

- One last thing:
Eve is played in a SINGLE universe. 240000 + players are flying around in the same universe as you. There are no shards or instances. If you really wanted to and I would NOT recommend it, but you could try to say hello to as many people as you can, without having to re-create a new character on a different server. Of course that means the person you step over might meet you in a dead end system one day with their more armed corp mates. What goes around comes around, and the Eve Universe is DEFINATELY ROUND.
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giand amazone
giand amazone

Aantal berichten : 120
Registratiedatum : 2009-11-11
Leeftijd : 48
Woonplaats : Maastricht

[Guide] A beginners guide for new players Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Guide] A beginners guide for new players   [Guide] A beginners guide for new players I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 24, 2009 9:44 pm

NPC Agents categories

Explanation: the NPC agents who give you missions will listed under one of these categories. The missions they give out will vary by type; for example an Internal Security agent will give out 95% Kill missions and 5% Courier missions.

Administration: 50% Kill, 50% Courier
Advisory: 34% Kill, 66% Courier
Archives: 5% Kill, 90% Courier, 5% Trade
Astrosurveying: 40% Kill, 30% Courier, 25% Mining, 5% Trade
Command: 97% Kill, 3% Courier
Distribution: 5% Kill, 95% Courier
Intelligence: 85% Kill, 15% Courier
Internal Security: 95% Kill, 5% Courier
Legal: 50% Kill, 50% Courier
Manufacturing: 5% Kill, 95% Courier
Marketing: 5% Kill, 95% Courier
Mining: 5% Kill, 85% Courier, 10% Mining
Production: 5% Kill, 95% Courier
Public Relations: 34% Kill, 66% Courier
R&D;*: 0% Kill, 50% Courier(S), 50% Trade
Security: 90% Kill, 5% Courier, 5%Trade
Storage: 5% Kill, 95% Courier
Surveillance: 95% kill, 5% Courier
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[Guide] A beginners guide for new players
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