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 Hello peeps o/

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Hello peeps o/ Empty
PostSubject: Hello peeps o/   Hello peeps o/ I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 05, 2011 2:02 pm

Hi there everyone. Thought I better introduce myself as most of you won't know who the hell I am :p
I'm Sanjuro777 (also got a no sp alt called MFD00M) and rl mate of Featherhead. I'm from sunny Manchester, UK and I'm 33. I'm pretty new to eve (just reaching 8.5mil sp) and very new to corps, alliances & pvp. I can fly gallante & caldari up to battleship class. In null, i will prob be sticking to drakes/scorpions/blackbirds/frigs/cov ops/stealth bomber - i like shields, missiles & ecm. My favourite colour is lemon. And if im logged in, that means Im also proberly stoned Surprised Unless I'm at work. Or poor.
I look forward to flying with you guys and learning the harsh world of eve pvp! Smile

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Hello peeps o/
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