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 [KOTOC] Knights of the old code 101

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giand amazone
giand amazone

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[KOTOC] Knights of the old code 101 Empty
PostSubject: [KOTOC] Knights of the old code 101   [KOTOC] Knights of the old code 101 I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 16, 2009 1:04 pm

[KOTOC] Knights of the old code 101 Kotocbanner

A Knight is sworn to Courage; His Courage knows only Heart; His Heaart knows only Love; His Love defends by Blade; His Blade defends Honor; His Honor is Wrath, undoing the Faithless; His Faith abides in Truth; His search for Truth is Boundless.

[KOTOC] Knights of the old code 101 Kotoslogotrans

Knights of the old code [KOTOC]
We started [KOTOC] in 2008 with a group of friends from another game (called Hyperiums), in that game we archieved everything we could, the most friendly alliance, the number 1 overall alliance and always been in the top 3 influence alliance every round we played. So .. basicly we got bored and realised that it was time for 'a real game' and started EVE. Once in EVE we builded our corporation with the same believes we had in Hyperiums, to make a player friendly envoirment who played with the believes of the 8th virtues, Ever since we started EVE we builded up our corporation, from high sec missioners/miners, to low sec and 0.0 PVP and now in the best PVP alliance you can imagine .... it was a long way but now in this game KOTOC is back at the top.

Right now we are a growing 0.0 corporation with a cozy little home in the Detorid region were we have our own SOV. Our systems have a 0.5 to 0.9 security wich means havens and sanctums all over the place. Making isk is easy in our systems ... so more time to PVP. We're a group of 'older', like minded gamers from all over the world who play online games for many years together, We realize real life > eve life and that 'stuff' happens. Cats catch on fire, your significant other insists it's time to go, you run out beer. Stuff happens.. And it's O.K....... we don't run a 23/7 policy.
KOTOC main bussiness is PVP, but all professions are welcomed (EXCEPT for PIRATING in high sec.) as we all have to make iskies to maintain our PVP habbits. To relieve our PVP addiction and to get rid of the PVP energy we have Joined the best PVP alliance/coallition in EVE/Online : Red alliance/DRF coallition

Our alliance Red Legion [RED.L]
It’s just a name, two words, just another alliance in EVE. Do you think so? NO, my dear friend…. This is not another alliance that disappears after half of the year. This is a new part of RED ALLIANCE.

RA always was a Russian speaking alliance. But time goes on and everything is changing. If you want to be on the top of the world, you must evolve. And such time has come for Red Alliance, time to evolve. We are not dying; we don’t need fresh meat. But we want to progress. And we have decided that RA should no longer be a Russian only speaking community. We are creating RED.Legion. This alliance will be a part of Red alliance. Not a pet, not renters, not a slave alliance, but it will have the same rights, with the same commitments, with stations and system

    What does KOTOC offer you as a pilot:

  • A good group of mature/adult gamers to hang out with
  • Daily PvP operations deep in 0.0 space
  • Small roams
  • POS bashes
  • Capital fleet engament
  • Black ops
  • Hot drops
  • Bomber runs
  • Group of long time friends to fly with
  • A drama and blame free environment
  • Team Speak 3, (when in EVE be on TS3 !)
  • Jump freighter and Carrier support to haul your stuff from and to 0.0
  • A well organized and stable corporation/alliance (if you have been around, you know how rare that is)[/li]

If you are looking for an easy life in 0.0 – you are knocking at the wrong door. Being with KOTOC and Red Alliance means fights with numerous enemies, it means high morale, it means non-stop wars, and it means brothers in arms who never leave corporation and alliance like the rats leaving a sinking ship. And finally, it means a challenge for you, for your soul. Are your balls big enough to be with us???

Regards Giand (CEO of KOTOC)
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[KOTOC] Knights of the old code 101
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